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 Half Marathon institutionalization of the Castelli Romani, construction Versatile Structure of Castles

.                     MEETING MINUTES of 20/2/2012

Subject: Half Marathon Institutionalization of the Castelli Romani,
               implementation structure of the Castelli Romani Versatile.

1. On 20 February last, at the headquarters of the Friends of the Park of the Castelli Romani, the meeting was held on the matters in question to which there were:

- Vincent Francavilla: President of the Association;
- Joseph Nocito: Vice Chairman Association;
- Vincent DiGiulio: Association Treasurer;
- Agliocchi Louis, Vice President of the Association;
- Jugs Matthew Castelli Romani Park Commissioner;
- Cora Fontana, Vice Mayor / Councillor for Sports Ariccia;
- Moianetti Stephen Councillor for Sports Castel Gandolfo;
- Milvia Monachesi, Minister of Education Castel Gandolfo.

2. During the meeting it was decided unanimously to activate the procedures for institutionalization of the Half Marathon of the Castelli Romani, through the adoption by the municipalities involved (Ariccia, Lazio Albano, Castel Gandolfo and Genzano) a resolution which establish rules and procedures contained program, organizational and financial.
As regards the second point to the agenda, was assessed should make a more accurate assessment of the situation, to define a suitable operating path.

3. The meeting also discussed the establishment of a commission for the organization of the "Carnival of Commons backbone Appia" (Ariccia, Lazio Albano, Genzano, Castel Gandolfo).

The Chairman of the meeting the Secretary of the meeting
   Vincent Joseph Francavilla Nocito

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