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The Association of Friends of the Park of the Castelli Romani, founded at the end of 1998 as the "Association with naturalistic, sporting and cultural, pursues non-profit and social solidarity"

(Article 1 of the Articles of Association, registered with the Registry Office of Anzio).


In recent years the Association has carried out numerous sporting activities, recreation (day trips and excursions in and outside the Lazio region) and cultural, of which we enumerate the most important:

1. Thirteenth edition of the half marathon of the Castelli Romani

2. A relay team of Friendship of 1000 km Chateauneuf du Pape (France) - Castel Gandolfo
     (Italy) in collaboration with the French town;

3. five-kilometer walks open to everyone in the towns of Castel Gandolfo and Marino Ariccia

4. walks two miles reserved for disabled

5. FITWALKING courses reserved for persons of both sexes and for those who entered the
     happy old age

6. walks and Palazzola, the perimeter of Lake Albano (10 km.) of Castel Gandolfo,
    perimeter of the lake of Nemi, Tusculum Villas, Male Ariano

7. Conference on Sport and Health in collaboration with the Local Health Authority of Rome - 

The life of the Association shall be governed by rules laid down by the Statute. Its management bodies are:

the annual meeting of members which are elected bodies of the Association officers and programmatic contents

the Executive Committee, chaired by the President of the Association


the Auditing of Accounts

The Association publishes its own internal newsletter to inform its members on the activities of the Association and of those that develop in the territory

During its work the Association has established relations of patronage and collaboration with the Province of Rome, with the towns of Albano, Ariccia, Genzano, Castel Gandolfo and Marino, with the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani, the cones with FIDAL, with the coordination of physical education of local education authority of Rome, with the ASL RMH

The Association for his sport is affiliated from 1999 to FIDAL



Amici del Parco dei Castelli Romani
Via Antonio Gramsci,19 - 00040 Castel Gandolfo (Roma)
Tel/Fax:  +39 6 93 59 00 62 - P.IVA :  06818541002
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